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How can I protect my meetings with engagein?

1. Create a "strong" room name. Use a strong room name, which no-one else is likely to be using. Use the name generator on the welcome page, or else generate your own "strong" name. For example, on macOS, in terminal, you can use uuidgen to generate a string of letters of numbers (e.g. B741B63E-C5E6-4D82-BAC4-048BE25D8CC7). Your room name would be on the hosted If you use "test" or "LucysMeeting" or "pilates" or similar, then it's highly likely that other users will have had the same idea.

2. Use a different room name for each meeting / conference you have. If you are going to have multiple meetings, ideally use a different room name for each one. If that is not practical, at least use a different room name for each group of people. .

3. Add a password to the room.Once you have started your room, set a password for it. Only people who have the password can join from that point on, but it does not affect people who have already joined. You will need to tell everyone the password. If they give the password to others, those other people can also join.

4. Enable "secure domain" if you are using your own instance of engagein.
In addition to the tips above, consider enabling the "secure domain" configuration. This requires you (or someone else) to enter a username and password to open a room. It also allows you to become a moderator. I set the password in meeting but it is not working the next time Once the meeting ends it's password also gets removed, so you need to set the password again for next meeting.